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Your ultimate checklist for hiring a freelancer

Research the going rate for the work you want to be done, so you can budget accordingly; Decide whether you’re paying by the job or by the hour; You’re not looking for the cheapest freelancer – you’re looking for the best you can afford; And you’re not looking for the most popular freelancer – you’re....

10 secrets to high-converting websites

There are a lot of good looking websites out there. There are also a lot of not so good looking websites. But while good design is an important factor when it comes to website conversions, if you focus too much on the latest design trends and not enough on the principles of conversion, you may....

How to make it as a freelance business

Freelance businesses are taking more and more space in the global workforce stage. In October, Freelancers Union published the annual “Freelancing in America” report. This freelance business report provides an extensive overview of this independent workforce. The report signals a growing presence of freelancers in the major economic sectors. Freelance statistics There are around 56.7....